Erin Douglass- Studio Owner, Certified Pilates BarreAmped Instructor

A veteran of Pilates and working out since she was twelve from NY to LA. Erin Douglass knew there was something that kept her coming back. Twelve years into taking lessons she decided to obtain her certification from West Coast Pilates.  Erin had taken several Barre Classes across the country and loved them.  Quickly she got her certification with Tracey Mallet’s Booty Barre training.  Transitioning from her software career that required intense travel she decided to open a barre & pilates studio that she could have flexible hours to be with her son Jack & husband Stuart.  In one month she opened Baton Rouge's first barre studio offering barre, pilates & cardio classes appealing to all levels of fitness. In May of 2011 Erin decided to go deeper in certification with Suzanne Bowen’s BarreAmped training and BarreAmped Advanced, BarreAmped Fire, BarreAmped BootCamp, BarreAmped Extreme Cardio BootCamp. & Erin also developed the pure classes fore the studio which are hybrid classes pure core, pure cardio and pure conditioning built on pilates, ballet & yoga. She loves transforming her clients and helping them achieve their goals and healthy life style changes that are attainable.  Fusing her passion for movement and music along with her ability to motivate students to push past what they think is possible.  Her students are her inspiration and she is driven by their energy and dedication to improving their mind-body connection.