There are so many obstacles in our lives today and we are all juggling… some more successfully than others. Additional to the distractions of our everyday routine, no plan is a main reason people are faced with stress. Most of us, myself included, have wonderful intentions that do not always get finished or even started! Here are some great tips to help with your workout, eating plan, family planning, and anything else. Enjoy!

* Eliminate stress- Stress is a main portion of life. As things add up or are left unfinished, we tend to get anxious and wrap our minds around getting them done. As we all know, it feels better when we are able to check off everything on our ‘To-Do List’ at the end of the day. But as some may not know, it is OK to have some things not checked off for the day. With stress being a main factor of your life, it is hard to focus on the more important things. Find ways to eliminate your stress… For example, my absolute favorite way to eliminate stress is a great workout. The feeling of accomplishment I receive after I give my body the activity it deserves is something so addicting. If your stress reliever is not a workout, it may be a good, healthy meal, a talk with a friend, a walk outside, a nap, a time of reflection for yourself, etc… Do your best to put yourself above your stress!

* Surround yourself with a great support system- There is no better feeling than feeling loved and supported. With a wonderful support system cheering you on, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals. The people who make up your support system, or something I like to call my “Me Team”, should be friends and family that you believe have your best interest at heart. They should, in more ways than one, be able to prove their place without knowing they are “running for a spot on your team”. Keep your eye out for how they talk to you, treat you behind and in front of your back, feel about the other people in your life, treat their loved ones, and treat themselves. Having positive people around is the best method to being a positive YOU.

* Plan fabulous workouts for yourself- A great workout is a great way to ease your mind from the stress and anxiety we face every day. Exercise not only changes your body… it changes you mind, your attitude, and your mood. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you lie in bed at night, your body is begging for your attention. Giving it the proper exercise it needs should be a priority. A one-hour workout is 4% of your day… leaving no room for an excuse such as “I don’t have time”. For myself, I try my best to find motivation from every aspect of my life. Seeing how I influence many wonderful women in my classes motivates me to continue making ‘healthy’ my lifestyle. Take a step back and look at your life. There are motivations everywhere in today’s society, especially for women. Make sure to pick the right ones for yourself. A fabulous workout may consist of a short cardio time in your home with music and no one else around; a packed gym where you can learn new things with peers; or a scheduled class you make part of your routine. Personally, having a mindset with my workout already planned in my day from the beginning, helps with keeping things on track and on time. It limits stress and anxiety almost as much as the actual workout does! Wake up every morning and say, “I can do this!”

* Compete with yourself- Your best competition is yourself. Your only limit is YOU. Nobody knows what irks you more than yourself… Motivate yourself by being better than the things that bother you. Compete with yourself to be the best you. Choose yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself to work harder and put in even more effort to reach your goals. No one will ever be on the same level as you, so work for yourself and watch yourself transform. Strive for progress, not perfection.

* Be realistic with your goals- As many hate to admit, we aren’t perfect at everything, but practice is a good way to get close to it. With a realistic goal…realistic being your own goal for your own body, routine, and mind, anything is possible. It’s easy to confuse your goals with the goals of those around you… don’t get confused. Other people have goals different from yours for unknown reasons… focus on yourself. Set your goal based on the things you want to achieve and gain. You will never be happier than knowing you worked for the body and life you dreamt about growing up. With a little luck and a lot of effort, you can achieve more than you ever imagined. Good luck!!

* Share your goals with your champions- Be proud to announce how amazing you are doing. Share your goals and watch people be inspired by you! By sharing your accomplishments, you allow others to work on themselves, as well. You become an icon and an inspiration. How fulfilling!

* Reward yourself always- From the small accomplishments all the way to the big… reward reward reward. Nobody deserves your praise as much as yourself. Any accomplishment you worked for deserves a reward. Find the rewards that suffice you the most and shower yourself with them. Never feel guilty for being proud of yourself and always keep going.

* Laugh… As much as you possibly can- Learn to laugh with yourself just as much as you do with those around you. Laugh at the funny things and laugh at the mistakes. Laughing helps remind yourself that things will be OK in the end. Laugh with your loved ones, share special moments, laugh so hard you cry… it’s the best therapy. Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will surely add life to your years.

* Be prepared always- If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Some things I do that always help me stay prepared is packing my gym bag the night before and preparing my fruits and veggies in the freezer for my smoothie. Being prepared is just another way I limit my stress and prep time the minute before. Having your life together should be a main priority.

* Make time for family and friends- Give more than you take, but don’t forget to take. With friends and family, it is easy to get caught giving more than you receive and making excuses for them… Don’t forget to get the love and time you deserve. Time with friends and family is such important parts of life… don’t sell yourself short of it. Make time for the relationships you endure throughout life. Focus on yourself, but also on the people around you. When things get tough, you need friends and family to go to. Be the type of friend you wish to have.

* Breathe- Knowing when to get worked up and when to breathe things through is an important quality to contain. Breathing relaxes you and helps you realize how some things aren’t worth getting upset over. It’s unhealthy to get upset and worked up over too many things… take time to breathe throughout the day. When things take a left turn, breathe. Breathing has the wonderful ability to change your mood… even with just 2 minutes of deep breathing! Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart… feel that? That’s called purpose. Don’t give up. You’re alive for a reason. Breathe.

* Make healthy eating a lifestyle- Eat clean! Give yourself the diet it deserves. Your body will thank you for choosing to make “healthy” your lifestyle. Some of my favorite items for a perfect diet include fish, chicken, fruits, veggies, good carbs, etc… By choosing to fuel your body with foods as such, you will find yourself feeling energized resulting in a busier, but more successful life. You deserve to have good foods enter your body. A tip of mine is if you pack your fridge with healthy food, you will eat healthy food. Eat good, feel good.

* Sleep- Go to bed one hour earlier than you usually do. Sleep allows you to function at your best. When you are tired, so is your life. Think of it as a one-way connection… the things you do when you are tired aren’t always the things you would do if you got a good night’s sleep. Knowing how many hours is enough for you to feel well rested is important. Get in touch with your inner being and realize what relaxes you. Allow yourself to be tired and to rest. Allow yourself to take some time to sleep things off. Additional to feeling well because of sleep, it also adds health benefits.

* Focus on what makes you happy- Happiness should be key. Nothing is worth your happiness. Those around you feel when you are genuinely happy. An unhappy day is a wasted day… Who has time for wasted days with goals like yours? Realize your potential and make sure you grab every moment of happiness. You deserve it!

* Smile… As much as you possibly can- Challenge yourself to never go a day without smiling. Smile as much as you can a day. Count your blessings and smile about them. Smile and let everyone know that today, you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday. Remember: your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.

* Put your mind to it- Nothing is impossible. If you want something, go get it. You have your entire life to be whoever you wish to be. Pursue your goals with a positive mind and attitude and watch your life unfold the way you make it. If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

As things get tough, turn to yourself. You are your biggest fan and you are your biggest motivator. Choose yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Life is wonderful, but yours can be OUTSTANDING with a little luck and a lot of hard work. Keep up the good work and remember: Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.

Set Goals


Love Yourself Focus on Fitness

Rest & Relax Eat right Smile Portray positive Enjoy life Care for others Tell yourself YOU CAN DO THIS


xx, E