Here’s to 2016! The year that I encourage you all to say, “no” to resolutions! I hope each of you reading this will take one goal a month and focus on making it a lifestyle. Come to class more, stop eating sugar, time management, or better organization habits are some examples. I also believe that we all need to start eliminating things in our lives that are not beneficial to us. Whether it is a relationship that is no longer supporting us or that old sweater that is taking up closet space. Train your brain to think quality over quantity. As things begin to slow down I encourage you to think about purely e as a constant in your life, a place where you can come and RELEASE. Fitness trends are constantly telling us to make being fit a lifestyle and being fit is a way to be good to our minds and bodies. Use the beginning of this new year as a chance to reflect more about being good to yourself! You have to RELEASE from daily stresses to be able to get to the place you want to be. Look forward to a new class at purely e where you can RELEASE. Happy New Year! xx Erin