If you have been coming to barre and pilate classes at purely e and become pregnant we highly encourage that you continue if you are having a healthy pregnancy.  We have had many women workout through their pregnancy having wonderful results and their bounce back time was cut in half.  This is a special time so you need to do what is right for you....here are some tips....

1. Listen to your body: Do what feels comfortable for your body.  Any mother can share that this may change on a day to day basis during pregnancy, but our classes are non-competitive so you’re encouraged to do what makes you feel good.  It’s important to pace yourself, to keep your heart rate at a reasonable level, to always move with control and care, to focus on your breathing, and to stay hydrated while exercising.  Every pregnancy is different so always get clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise regime.

2. Target the important muscle groups: The glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs, pelvic floor, abdominals, and upper and lower back are areas on which to focus both pre and postnatal.  These muscle groups need to be simultaneously strengthened and lengthened to accommodate the growth of the baby and for you to feel better in your ever-changing body.  

3. Do the right kind of ab work & keep up with your kegels: While it is important to tailor your abdominal exercises when pregnant, core strength is essential to help your body adapt to the constant postural changes during pregnancy and therefore appropriate ab work should be continued.  It’s all about balance- the belly needs to be flexible enough to allow for the baby to grow but strong enough to support that growth.  The great news is that one engages her abdominals throughout most of the purely e workout, from deep abdominal stabilization to focused exercises. And kegels are a must to develop the deep core strength necessary for labor and delivery, so be sure to include them both in and out of class.

4. Keep your head above your heart: Blood volume increases by up to 50% by the third trimester, and with more blood to pump, the heart must work harder.  The head should always be kept above the heart to keep circulation consistent and the heart rate at a reasonable pace.  In addition to offering extra comfort and support, this is why we use prenatal wedges for all back and side-lying exercises in our classes instead of a mat.

5. Have fun & reap the benefits: Pregnant women are constantly being told what they shouldn’t do, but so rarely what they should do.  It’s refreshing to focus on the positive and know that it’s not only ok, but it’s important to enjoy yourself while doing it.  After all, pregnancy can be an extremely busy time, so dedicating even one hour to your health, fitness, and well-being is already something to celebrate. From our workouts, clients experience improved posture, decreased lower back pain, increased pelvic stability, better circulation, reduced swelling, and they sleep better.  Not to mention that sexy, sculpted muscles are the perfect accessory to go along with radiant skin, luxurious hair, and a bump!